I am not an expert.

I am not even an experienced parent when it comes to so many of my children’s needs.

We received official diagnoses for both the boys within a year of each other. I think the diagnoses help me to understand them better, although sometimes, it feels like I know even less about how to help them.

Special Needs Resources Autism, ADHD, Mood Disorders and Learning Disabilities

I share because I think it’s important.

I share because I believe that my children are fearfully and wonderfully made – no matter what the diagnosis.

There are so many books that define the diagnosis, give all sorts of options from experts, and even share case studies.

But finding a resource that honestly talks about how to possibly survive all of this, every single day, and live gratefully? That has been almost impossible to find.

You are the mom – you know more about your child than anyone else. That should MATTER. It should matter when speaking with medical professionals. It should matter when you are trying to figure out what to do next to help your little one. It should matter at least as much, if not more than what the experts, your parents, your friends, or all the moms at the toddler group say.

I am glad you are here. Let’s figure this out together.

Special Needs Resources: Special Needs Resources Autism, ADHD, Mood Disorders, Chronic Illness, and  Learning Disabilities

Click these pictures of my sweet boys for practical encouragement and more information about their diagnoses.



God made me these boys’ momma. He always knows what He is doing, even if I don’t. Resting in the fact that I am part of His plan for these lives, with my flaws and fears and complete inability to respond well to all this need, is not only helpful, it’s the truth.

I need to be reminded of that truth, all the time.

I am confident that, no matter what the medical history or circumstances, this is true for every mom.