The Incredible Value Of Routine And Consistency For Children With Learning Differences

My first serious boss, at my first serious job, used to repeat it over and over. It was a mantra to try new approaches, to work harder, to get the job done. A few years later, when I was now the serious boss, I used to say the same thing to my team, expecting creativity, diligence and success. The statement has been mis-attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain. No doubt, you have heard it before. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result. […]

An Excellent Approach To College And Career Readiness For Homeschoolers

Late last school year, my oldest son told me that his goal was to get into a four year college. If you know anything about our educational journey, you will understand when I say that I was shocked. I never imagined this would be his path. Once the shock wore off, we began making a plan for all the things he needed to do to prepare, not only for applying to college, but actually living there, in the dorms, on his own. The list was long. There were the obvious things like write an essay, […]

What Helped My Dyslexic Son Finally Learn To Read: Practical Help For Struggling Readers

Last week, I shared what I wanted you to know most about what helped my dyslexic son finally learn to read. Today, I am sharing all the details of what worked. My youngest son is dyslexic and has struggled to read for as long as he has been trying. Eight full years of flashcards and tears, educational therapists and sight words. Last week, with joy and gratitude, I shared the progress he’s made and what I want you to know most about our journey.  (Catch up HERE) I promised to return this week and share […]

Will Homeschooling High School Put My Child At A Disadvantage?

When we started homeschooling a decade ago, I thought that homeschooling high school would be out of the question. I truly believed that it would put my boys at a disadvantage. Turns out, I was wrong. Last week, my son received his first acceptance letter to one of the four year colleges he applied to. He was not only accepted, but offered a full scholarship. As in all of it, paid for (what?). According to the letter, this award was based on his academic achievement and “demonstrated love of learning.” (Thank you, enrollment counselor for […]

My Child’s Anxiety Is Real. Please Stop Questioning It.

It happened again to my son last month. We were at an appointment with a pediatric specialist, following up on his severe gastrointestinal issues. When the specialist saw his anxiety disorder diagnosis, she was quick to blame the anxiety for his abdominal issues. She’s not wrong. They are certainly connected, although we are struggling to find a way to help. “Well, it could just be that he is anxious and that is what’s causing the constant diarrhea.” (Ask me later about how much I hate the word “just” in that sentence.) Having been here so […]

What Is The Difference Between Learning Disabilities and Learning Differences?

What’s the difference between learning disabilities and learning differences? Does it matter?   I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  My youngest son continues to struggle academically, in ways that go way beyond helping him learn in a different way. We have tried every single approach I can think of: educational therapy hands-on learning standard curriculum  specialized curriculum educational therapy again, this time online more hands-on learning and so on and so on… He has made significant progress. There’s no doubt that he can now recognize letters and some words. He is 13 […]

Homeschool High School Math: The Best Decision We Made To Help My Child

When my oldest son continued to struggle with homeschool high school math, this is the very best decision we made to help! Math has been a difficult subject for my oldest son for as long as I can remember.  It started with timed tests back in second grade. It continued with difficulties with algebra. It was an issue that even determined where he applied to college last month (i.e. test optional schools to avoid standardized math tests).     He struggles with math in ways that are more intense than most learners. He has dyscalculia, […]