Big tears.


Outright defiance.

Total breakdowns.

These are just some of the words parents have used to describe the current state of writing assignments in their home. 

I have a conversation about it almost every day, either with families I support, children I tutor, or in my home. Writing is not working for a lot of kids right now. You are not alone!

All week long I will be posting videos here to help you help your struggling writer. 

To get started, you can download your FREE Quick Guide To Helping Your Struggling Writer below. This resource serves as a cheat sheet, as well as an outline of all the most important points we will cover this week. 

VIDEO #1 – If your child struggles with writing, it’s the worst right now!

VIDEO #2 – Why is writing so tough for my child?

VIDEO #3 – How can I help my child who struggles with writing?

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