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When Worksheets Don’t Work – Simple Homeschool

Because usually home school is more like couch school. #OneDayHH
Because usually home school is more like couch school.

I have often said that discussing homeschooling publicly is more terrifying to me than spilling my guts about my children, my marriage, my faith, or any other topic. And I know exactly why…

I used to be extremely opposed/judgy/uninformed/militantly against it.

(I was once so rude and condescending to a homeschooling mom at the park that I wish I could go back in time and not only take it back, but clean her kitchen for her while she sips a glass of fine wine.)

Then, my children grew up and went to school. Long story short, now we homeschool.

You know what I now know? Your children may be in a school setting Monday – Friday, but if you are a momma of a child with unique needs, you are probably “schooling at home” all.the.time.

Please join me at Simple Homeschool today as I discuss how to help our children learn in ways that make sense for them and their learning styles (and not necessarily the way we want to teach…).

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