When Mommy Is The Problem

I heard a friend say once that if it wasn’t for her children, she would be the best mom.

Ha! and Yes!

Too often I find myself thinking, “If he would only ______________.

If he would only stop melting down in public, then things would be easier.

If he would only take a shower, then I wouldn’t worry so much about his future.”

If he would only learn to read, then I could relax a little.

Too often, I think if my boys could just be the kids that I want them to be, I would be amazing mom.  And it helps no one.

Because this isn’t about me being amazing….(Click here to read more)

Please join me today at Simple Homeschool, as I explore how this is affecting our everyday life at home, and how encouraging it has been to realize that often times, I am the problem – not my sweet boys.

See you there.

Love, Shawna


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