When Mommy Goes On A Road Trip

As I drove solo down the highway, going a little faster than usual, I thought about how things that really should not be fun, seem super fun and/or relaxing when you are a mom and you get to do them without your kids.

For me these are things like –

Target trips (We’ve discussed this one!)

Showers (Like going to a spa…)

Styling My Hair (You know, like this.)

Driving (Sweet silence, how I love thee.)

Flying (Oh my goodness, the best. Even in a middle seat, no one clinging to you, asking how much longer, wanting another snack, trying to dig something else to do out of the backpack – just me and a book. I am sure I scare the passengers sitting next to me, with my wide grin and near giggles.)

Sitting Outside (Again, the silence.)

And apparently, Road Trips. Road trips are way more fun these days – alone.

Look at that completely empty back seat!
Look at that completely empty back seat!

A few weeks ago, I struck out on my own for one day and one night, to celebrate a long time friend’s graduation from nursing school. Another sweet friend was throwing her a little pampering day and party to celebrate something that did not come easy for this mom of three (read homework and early classes and lab rotations and teacher drama, while being a mom to three and running a household…um no. Just no.)

I have been friends with these two girls since I was 12. I had to double check the math, just to be sure, but this means that we have been friends for 28 years. 28 years.

A lot happens in 28 years.

photo 5(1) photo 1(12) photo 2(9) photo 3(4)

College graduations. Marriages and babies. Divorces. Deaths of parents and grandparents. Houses bought and sold. Moves away from our hometown to other cities and states. Ten, twenty, thirty pounds. Babies growing up. Diagnoses. Remarriages.

You know what stays the same?

Three girls, loving each other, and trying to figure out how to do this life.

I wish I could tell you their stories – they are amazingly strong and have lived so much life in 28 years. Between the three of us, one could definitely make a Lifetime Movie of the Week, or five Lifetime Movies of the Week, based on our lives.

When we finally all get back together, there are still glimpses of each of us at 14.

We have the same cadence to our conversations as we did passing by each other and trading notes on the way to class.  We have the same excitement over getting to be together as we did at 16. We have the same familiarity and closeness as we did when we were roommates at 22.

I was back home for less than 24 hours.

In that time we got cheap but glorious massages, ate a lot of cake, drank champagne, laughed, cried, argued, talked about sex (We have known each other so long it has to come up every time. Like I said, some things are the same as when we were younger…), talked about the best way to clean your counter tops and easy dinner recipes for busy days (some things are not the same as when we were younger), swam together in our mommy tankinis (wondering why we used to think they were so lame), ate more cake, talked about broken marriages and how to help, how crazy our kids are, how crazy our husbands are, how awesome our husbands are, went to bed before 10:30 completely exhausted, and we thanked God for keeping us together all these years.

I woke up the next morning, feeling rested, a little bit younger, a little bit more energetic, and so very loved.

photo 2(10)

Driving back home to my guys, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for these ladies and for the longevity we share.

There is something about a friend knowing every single thing you have ever done wrong, and loving you still.

Ryan and Ashley –

I love you ladies like sisters. Thank you. God Bless you.

And when can we do it again?

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  1. Solo trips to Target shouldn’t be fun at all but when you don’t have to hear ‘MOM’ every ten seconds or get creative trying to avoid certain aisles it really is exciting:-)

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