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When It Feels Like We Are Never Home

As you know, this has been a crazy season for my family.

Well, even more crazy than usual I guess.


My oldest son, who has High Functioning Autism, was also recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain and fatigue.

My youngest son, is getting older. He is profoundly dyslexic, and I am finding that as he matures, he is also profoundly incapable of learning unless it involves moving, jumping, spinning and/or hanging upside down.

The more we move through this wonderfully messy life, the more I am realizing that our life is just not going to look like anyone else’s that I know, or the ones in many of the blogs I read.

Join me at Simple Homeschool today, where I discuss how different doesn’t have to mean less than – especially when it comes to my children and their needs.


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