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A Typical Day Is Anything But

When I first started homeschooling, I could barely picture the elementary years.  I went to school to be an elementary special education teacher – I felt like I should have an idea of what to expect.

But middle school and even worse….high school?

No idea.

A Typical Day Is Anything But

I have no idea what homeschooling my boys is “supposed” to look like.

Maybe this is a good thing – if I did, I might never allow this day in the life to be published.

Our days are anything but typical, but they are ours, and somehow, six years later, we are making it work.

The older my boys get, the more certain I am that they need to learn in ways that work best for their interests and capabilities. They do have some special needs that necessitate this, but honestly, I think we would do this anyway.

For a peek inside an average day in our life homeschooling, please join me today at Simple Homeschool.

I share all about mushrooms, meltdowns, and how we pull off one more day.

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