This Momma Gets It So Right

I fully intended to publish a new post this morning. I was super planful and got it all together and was ready to hit the button and then go share it on Facebook and call it a day.

Instead, I read this letter written by Carrie Cariello.

Carrie CarielloCarrie
Carrie Cariello

And I.Can’t.Stop.Crying.

30 minutes later, I am still sitting here in tears.

Not because I am sad, although parts of it are so sad.

Not because I am scared, although parts of it are so scary.

I can’t stop crying because this momma – she illustrates what autism is like, both for her son and for her momma’s heart so well.

I am touched and emotional and overwhelmed and encouraged.

And, I am completely incapable of posting what I had written, because I needed this one more.

I am thinking you might too.

Here is the link to A Letter To My Son About Autism, featured on Momastery this morning.

With love and hope,


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    1. I think that’s why I love it so much – she talks about both of their experience (hers and her sons) with so much care and honesty.
      I am so glad you could relate to it as well.

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