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Things We Never Thought We’d Say ‘Thank You’ For

Thank you so much for being the one that does all the stool samples for these kids. I do not think I could pull that off.”

My husband said it so earnestly. He really, really meant it. It was sweet and kind.

And I burst out laughing.

We thank each other for some crazy things,” I said.

We need to write a blog post together, ” he replied. “We will include all the funny, stupid, everyday things we have thanked each other for.

And when the hubs wants something done, we get it done.

Over the course of this weekend, we decided to keep track.

The good news? We are really, really grateful for one another.

The bad news? Most of it has something to do with poop.

12309994_651999221569061_8499198272251038135_oSo, in the interest of keeping it real, here are our thankful lists:

Shawna to Mick –

Thank you for not getting mad at me when the toilet backs up during the day, and I shut the door to the bathroom and leave it for you to plunge. I have enough on my plate. I can’t add plunging the toilet to the list.

Thank you for fighting with the trash can every single night. I know it would be easier to get the bag out if I didn’t stuff the thing so full that it looks like it might burst. But that would require me taking the garbage out in the middle of the day, and I prefer leaving it for you to do when you get home from work .

Thank you for never once asking questions or making snide remarks when I text you at 4PM and ask you to pick up wine on your way home.

Thank you for cleaning that funky algae out of the fish tank. You bless me, Babe.

Thank you for never saying a word when I haven’t washed my hair in four days.

Thank you for always feeling bad when you realize that you left your dirty socks on the couch, for me to find the next morning.

Thank you for taking the boys to Home Depot with you, even though you know it means one of them will obsess over the garden center, and the other one will whine about wanting to go home the entire time.

Thank you for laughing when I say curse words.

Thank you for encouraging me to lie around on the couch in my jammies  for 48 hours when the boys are at their dad’s house.

Thank you for picking up the dog poop before the lawn guy comes to mow the lawn.

11127068_577764248992559_8970871401378032097_oMick to Shawna –

Thank you for doing the boy’s stool samples. Seriously, thank you.

Thank you for cleaning up and handling all vomit. Not my thing.

Thank you for cooking dinner every night, even though I am perfectly capable of doing it. It not only nourishes me, but it also protects me from the outright rejection of one or both of the boys saying, “Ugh. I am not eating this.”

Thank you for being the one that gets up early with the boys. I just can’t do that.

Thank you for pulling the coconut sized poop out of the RV toilet that time we were camping. I had no idea that a ten year old was capable of producing an actual poo baby.  I love you so much.

Thank you for offering me wine every time the boys have a friend over to play . And thank you for recognizing the sheer volume of their play is beyond my capacity.

Thank you for being the one to handle the pandemonium that broke out when the dog peed on the seat next to the boys with sensory issues on our last road trip. You got us there safe, Baby.

Thank you for getting up early on a Saturday morning to pick up the dog poop 5 minutes before the lawn guy arrives because I forgot.

Thank you for not making fun of me when I check out and play Lego Batman on the Xbox because I just can’t adult anymore. Sometimes, facing The Joker is easier than facing our children.

1940010_447499178685734_6894771393481195285_nSo there you have it. The random but 100% serious list of things we are genuinely thankful to each other for.

The everyday realities of our life are surprisingly difficult sometimes.

Laughing together about them removes the sting. It helps us focus on what really matters.

Our marriage .

Being on the same team.

Making this family thing work.


So, we clean up the poop and we take out the trash.

And we do the best we can to love each other.



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  1. love it, I will have to remember to keep track of the crazy things I thank my husband for 🙂

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