14 Important Ways To Help A Struggling Anxious Reader

My son is twelve years old. I clearly remember him in his sweet little preschool classroom at four years old. He loved the arts, the crafts, the playtime and the other children. But the letters, the writing his name, the sounds? Not so much. Even back then, it was obvious that reading was not his strength. He has struggled with […]

What If My Child Never Learns To Read?

It’s a question I’ve been afraid to answer for a long time. What if my child never learns to read? Last week, we resumed my son’s daily reading lessons and practice. He is profoundly dyslexic, and all the research shows that in order for him to become a proficient reader he needs daily, consistent learning. Because I think everyone needs a […]

Hands-On Activities For The Struggling Reader (that really work!)

All week long, I have shared how I plan for a new school year. I shared where to start and also our curriculum choices for sixth and tenth grade. For Friday Fun-Day, I wanted to wrap up the week with some real life examples of how hands-on learning layers into my curriculum choices, particularly for my youngest son. Although I […]

Independent Learning And The Struggling Reader

“I feel like a baby, all the time. I want to be able to do school like everyone else,” my son said a few months ago. Hesitantly, I asked him what he meant. “Everyone gets to do their school on their own and I have to always be with you so you can read to me.” He’s not wrong. He […]