As Homeschool Days Turn Into Homeschool Years

My oldest son completed applications to five different four-year colleges last week. He did it completely on his own, researching the various campuses and the accommodations they provide.  It still floors me, just thinking about it. The truth is, I did not think this would be a viable option for him. I’ve spent years stressing the value of trade schools […]

What Interest-Led Learning Really Looks Like

Today, I’m giving you a peek inside our homeschool. This is what interest-led learning really looks like! My children are both wildly different. My oldest is a thirteen year old, self-professed computer geek with a strong interest in physics, non-fiction and occasionally, reptiles. My youngest is ten, energetic and delighted with any fictional account of adventure, with strong interests in […]

Our Interest-Led Homeschool Curriculum: 2020-2021

Today, I am happy to share our interest-led homeschool curriculum choices for the upcoming homeschool year.  This is one of my favorite posts of the year.  I love reading other mom’s plans for their homeschool and seeing how they’ve crafted a curriculum plan for their family. It’s a privilege to share mine.  There’s something about it that makes me feel […]

The Most Important Thing I Do To Get Ready For A New Homeschool Year

As promised, this year I am taking you through how we get ready for a new homeschool year as I am actually doing it – in real time. This is the very first thing I do to get started.  Our very first year homeschooling, I spent so of my prep time organizing.  I had shelves clearly labeled with grade levels […]

Sometimes Summer Break Isn’t A Break At All

I remember summer vacations so well. When I was a child, summer break meant eating way too many Popsicles, not having to get up in the morning, swimming for as long as I wanted, impromptu trips to the lake, and absolutely no real plans. The summer break of my youth was glorious. The summer break of my children? Not so […]

When A Special Needs Mom Struggles With Depression

When a special needs mom struggles with depression it takes its toll on the entire family.  As I woke, I felt a familiar dread spread throughout my body. I had barely opened my eyes, but already felt anxious and sad about what the day would bring. I wanted to turn over, pull the covers over my head, and just go […]