I Am Not The Mom I Want To Be

I have not been the mom I want to be today…not at all. I am so tired. I am increasingly resentful of all the care my children require. I am overwhelmed by a week that seems like it Just. Won’t. End. It feels like there is not enough coffee in […]

What Does Christian Parenting Really Look Like?

I sat in the Bible study, and my heart sank. The conversation was once again drifting towards sleep training. Every mom in the room had an opinion. And all of those opinions were the exact opposite of what every single night looked like with my baby. There was a strong […]

For The Mom In The Waiting Room

We are headed into more waiting rooms this week. I try to plan for the time – bringing a book and some work to get done while I wait. â€‹But I know there’s no way I will accomplish much. If you’ve been the mom in the waiting room, you know.  It’s hard […]