14 Important Ways To Help A Struggling Anxious Reader

My son is twelve years old. I clearly remember him in his sweet little preschool classroom at four years old. He loved the arts, the crafts, the playtime and the other children. But the letters, the writing his name, the sounds? Not so much. Even back then, it was obvious that reading was not his strength. He has struggled with […]

What It’s Really Like When Your Child Is Below Grade Level

I know it shouldn’t matter so much, but the truth is, my child isn’t at grade level and it’s really difficult sometimes.  “He is reading at a first-grade level now,” I said to the doctor, holding my breath. “What?” she said with a mix of surprise and concern. “At his age?” I paused for a moment and decided to ignore the […]

Learning Language Arts Through Literature For My Dyslexic Child

We are using Learning Language Arts Through Literature for my dyslexic child this year. Here’s why.  It took years for my dyslexic son to learn to read. We tried everything and then tried it again. Flashcards, educational therapy, redoing year after year of the same level of reading curriculum. All of it helped, I think, in forming a foundation for […]

Movement and Learning For The Older Child

I have been surprised at the results in my own home and in other families that I work with. This is all about movement and learning for the older child.  “I can think of better ideas, Momma, if you just let me walk around.” My eleven-year-old son was narrating a story, as part of our writing lesson for the day. […]

Back To School and The Struggling Learner

It can be a very difficult transition this time of year. The truth is back to school and the struggling learner don’t always go well together. When I was a child, I loved the weeks leading up to the first day of school. I would arrange all my school supplies – and then arrange them again. I would pick out […]

Page A Day Math For The Child Who Struggles With Writing

Even math practice can be a struggle when your child is not writing fluently. Let’s talk about math for the child who struggles with writing. When my oldest son was in elementary school, he was required to complete a math fluency worksheet every single day. It had 100 math problems to a page, all addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The […]