Will It Ever Get Easier For My Child With Learning Differences?

It’s a question so many of us ask, desperate for an answer. Will it ever get easier for my child with learning differences and special needs? Last week, in one of my support sessions with another, sweet mom, we talked about what I call the “messy middle.” I am pretty […]

What You Need To Do When Your Child Has Differences

This is the very best advice I can possibly share. This is what you need to do when your child has differences. I began watching a docu-series on YouTube last week, all about different families raising children with varying differences and special needs. The single mom with three kiddos on […]

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When My Son Was Diagnosed With Autism

Although it’s been years, it seems like yesterday.  This is what I wish someone had told me when my son was diagnosed with autism.  It’s been eight years since my son received his autism diagnosis.  As I look back at all the progress we’ve made, and how much our life […]

The Basics Are Difficult When Your Child Has Autism And ADHD

The basics are difficult when your child has autism and adhd. In our lives, there’s no way around it. This is what I’ve learned. My son showed me exactly how he planned to install a CPU into his computer yesterday. (If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. You […]

To The Mom Crying In The Parking Lot

This is for the mom crying in the parking lot of the doctor’s office and for every other mom just like her. I glanced out the window of the third story waiting room and saw her. She was trying to help her son out of his wheelchair, and into the […]