Homeschool Mom Life: I’m Either Freaked Out Or Checked Out!

Sometimes homeschooling can make even the most experienced of us a little crazy. For example, I find that one of my greatest homeschool mom life difficulties  involves the endless pendulum swing between feeling freaked out about my sons’ education or totally checked out. Let me explain… Another homeschool mom and […]

Movement and Learning For The Older Child

I have been surprised at the results in my own home and in other families that I work with. This is all about movement and learning for the older child.  “I can think of better ideas, Momma, if you just let me walk around.” My eleven-year-old son was narrating a […]

Daylight Saving Time and Children with Special Needs

Daylight saving time and children with special needs do not mix. Here’s why.  It’s that time again. No pun intended. Spring forward. Daylight Saving Time. Or, as we like to call it here in my house, twice yearly crazy time. Changing the time is a big deal around here. Really […]

To The Mom Crying In The Parking Lot

This is for the mom crying in the parking lot of the doctor’s office and for every other mom just like her. I glanced out the window of the third story waiting room and saw her. She was trying to help her son out of his wheelchair, and into the […]