Movement and Learning For The Older Child

I have been surprised at the results in my own home and in other families that I work with. This is all about movement and learning for the older child.  “I can think of better ideas, Momma, if you just let me walk around.” My eleven-year-old son was narrating a […]

How Do I Help My Explosive Child Calm Down?

It’s the one question I asked over and over again with no real answers – How Do I Help My Explosive Child Calm Down? What’s going to happen when he’s older and able to do more damage? Someone is going to get hurt. What if the neighbors call the police? […]

For The Mom In The Waiting Room

We are headed into more waiting rooms this week. I try to plan for the time – bringing a book and some work to get done while I wait. â€‹But I know there’s no way I will accomplish much. If you’ve been the mom in the waiting room, you know.  It’s hard […]

Am I Babying My Son?

I used to ask myself this question all the time. “Am I babying my son?”   “You baby him. He’s almost eleven years old and you are still helping him get his socks on straight.” “You can’t keep treating him like a baby. He is old enough to sleep through […]

What Do I Do Now That My Child Has A Diagnosis?

The reality is that you get the results and then you go home. Nothing changes. What do I do now that my child has a diagnosis? “How are you doing?” the psychologist asked, after his session with my son. I am asked this a lot lately. By sweet friends. By […]

Why Is My Child So Explosive?

When my son kicked the windshield, I didn’t think it would break. I was wrong. Apparently, the force of losing all rational thought and ability was enough to crack it from end to end. He was crying, flailing and screaming at me. “I can’t do it. Mommmmeeeeeeeee. I can’t.  I […]