Strength Based Learning

What Is Strength Based Learning?

Strength based learning mimics exactly what we do in “real life.” Adults rarely pursue careers that require them to be average in everything, but instead pursue jobs that areas of interest and strength. For example, I am not a mechanical engineer for good reason, even though I was required to spend as much time on math throughout K-12 as someone who is.

Research shows that a learner allowed to spend the most time studying in areas of strength, tends to perform exponentially better in all areas including the areas of weakness.

I think this is because the learner eventually applies what they learn more substantively in their area of strength, to the areas of weakness. For example, the child who struggles in math may naturally have a strength in science. Given enough time to pursue scientific endeavors, the child will eventually be able to apply what she’s learned to math as well.

It might be the confidence it builds. It might be that the child begins to think about math differently, because of the developmental and educational growth that happens in pursuing interests and strengths.

No matter what the reason, the simple truth is this – a strength based approach works.

Resources To Help You Get Started With Strength Based Homeschooling