It is such pleasure to provide honest and real-life based books and resources designed for families just like mine.  Living and learning with our children’s differences can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information about any of the following resources.

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Parenting Chaos: Practical Support and Encouragement for Parents of Explosive Children

This labor of love and, if I am honest, desperation, explores the reasons our children meltdown and most importantly, how best to help them. I am as painfully open as possible, while still respecting and protecting the privacy of my sweet boys.For almost 14 years now, I have been trying to figure out how to react, how to respond, how to discipline, how to show compassion, and how to have boundaries around my children’s behavioral challenges. This book is a journey through all of it – the successes, the total failures, the tears, the strategies, and more than anything else, the desire to help my children feel a sense of relief when it feels like there’s none.Please, join me.Parenting Chaos: Practical Support and Encouragement For Parents Of Explosive Children is now available in both e-reader and print copies.


Special Education At Home

I wrote Special Education At Home for any mom, who like me, feels the fear, the stress, the anxiety, the hope, the loneliness, the intense love, and the unshakable sense that homeschooling just might be the right choice for my family.

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Everyday Autism

Books By Shawna Wingert, Not The Former Things

I am honored to introduce you to my first book.

It is exactly the book I wish was around our first year, post diagnosis. It is the book I was searching for, but never found.

It is a compilation of all of my posts that address the day to day realities of parenting that first year, with a bit of new content as well.

This book is about our hearts, as parents of children with a new spectrum diagnosis.

Order your copy of Everyday Autism here.

Mini E-Books and Other Exclusive Resources


High School Transcript Template (for non-traditional learners)


Finally, a high school transcript template perfect for interest-led and nontraditional learners. This is what I am using with my own high schooler, so I thought I would make it available for you and yours as well.

Fully customizable and designed to accommodate varying homeschool approaches.

Get Your Transcript Template HERE. 


How To Help A Struggling Reader: Practical Answers For Parents

Books By Shawna Wingert, Not The Former Things

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DIY Children’s Therapies: Can I Do This At Home?

Books By Shawna Wingert, Not The Former Things

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