Setting Realistic Goals For The New Year

I love celebrating a new year.

There is something about a fresh start, a blank slate, a new beginning – it makes me feel hopeful. It makes me feel free to try new things and begin again.

And, every single year, it makes me also feel a little bit crazy.

Take last year – I made a long list of “goals” not “resolutions” (because everyone knows you break resolutions but you achieve goals, right?). It was amazing, all the things we were going to accomplish. Our homeschool would finally look more like Pinterest. My house was going to be cleaner than ever. Most importantly, I was going to finally feel like I had this stay-at-home mom thing figured out.

Then we all woke up the next day. Life happened, like it always does. And now here I am, almost 365 days later, and guess what I just wrote down at the top of my journal page?

Goals For 2016

crazy family

I honestly could make the exact same list as last year, and likely not be one bit closer this time next year.

I am tired right now just thinking about it.

I am tired of feeling like my house, my kids, and my life are just one great list or planner or pin or meal plan or printable away from being good enough.

Join me today at 2:1 Conference, where I share my very real, very honest goals for the new year. Click here to read my list of goals and how I plan to implement them .


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  1. I love your goals, now I need to think about what goals I should have 😉

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