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Randomness ‘Round Here

It’s Friday…

We made it.

Another week.

This is one I am glad to have worked through…and I’m grateful that it is no longer Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday for that matter.

I have absolutely nothing important left to say. After Living With Meltdowns was published and took off, every other post this past week has been a labor of love. I am so, so grateful for your wonderful, sweet, encouraging, prayerful, tear inducing comments, both here and on Facebook.

You guys are awesome. And, I am tired.

With that in mind, I thought I would keep it light today, and share some of our not so intense moments. I used to do this often with week in reviews, but more and more they were becoming three weeks to a month in review – and I am terrible at taking pictures.

Today, I decided to instead just call it what it is –  Randomness ‘Round Here.


photo 1(8)
Non-Alcoholic Margarita, Compliments of Sourdough.

So, a reoccurring interest of Sourdough is mixing drinks (I wish I was joking). It began when one of his favorite cooking shows ran an entire episode on cocktails (Thanks Alton Brown). Ever since, he has been a little on the fixated side.

This week, he decided the only way to cope with the stress was to make us all nonalcoholic margaritas. Like any good fixation, it was accompanied by plenty of chatter about the details, and the tools, and the proper order to mix it all in, and the benefits of fresh lime juice, and the need for an actual Boston shaker, and never ever use a premix, and all the things I wanted to pay attention to but just couldn’t do it anymore.

And of course, we also had the menu.

He typed this up, y’all.

Now, I am NOT complaining (unless it’s about the fact that I have been sticking to my floors from all the juice and sugar that was scattered about in a flurry of excitement and lack of executive function while making said drinks). This got him out of the lycra sheets. It brought him back into our family’s evening routine for the first time in weeks. And he happily served all of us. It was awesome.

And speaking of awesome…

photo 2(8)
Just kickin’ it.

We are apparently becoming very, very comfortable in doctors’ and therapists’ waiting rooms. Although I feel terrible about the fact that his feet are rudely up on the couch where so many other poor people have to also sit, I am thrilled that we are no longer melting down over the wait.

I will take it people.

Plus, this just makes me laugh. I love that my kids are so comfortable in their own skin. Just a moment before this picture was taken, Bacon was rolling around on the floor in front of the couch, because the carpet was, “… just so soft and fluffy.” Seriously – can you imagine a stranger entering the waiting room with us there? Thankfully it was only us, and the therapist was just happy to see we were in good spirits, and all in one piece.

Yay for therapists that love our children where they are.

Yay for therapists that give tired momma’s a small break and just let the shoes, and the children, and the feet take over.

photo 4(2)
Snap Circuits are my new best friend.

One thing that saved my sanity this week was bringing out the Snap Circuits. Oh my goodness, my boys played with them for hours together. That’s right – TOGETHER. I was in heaven. I snapped a million pictures including the one above, where Sourdough made an actual, working AM radio, and this one –

Both of their hands. I could die.

I snapped it just before they started arguing over whose turn it was to build the one with the fan, but whatevs. It’s my favorite.

Both of them…happy, calm, learning and playing together.

What a wonderful gift.

What a wonderful reminder that even during the toughest weeks, there is beauty and love and fun and laughter.

Even when things seem dark, there are glimpses of light all around us.


It does indeed.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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  1. Oh happy day

    1. Thanks Dorthe! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  2. A picture of BOTH of your kids playing together….one of my greatest fantasies. I have two families: my NT kids on one side and my SN kid on the other. Never the twain shall meet. At least for the past 13 years it sure hasn’t. How do you deal with the worry about the future? What Sourdough will be when he grows up, where he will live, how life will be for him? I find myself increasingly worried about this because it’s the big giant unknown.

    1. They almost never have moments like that – playing happily together so I can relate. (That’s why I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. It was like someone was getting a special award or something!)
      It’s funny that you are asking the “future question”. It has been on my heart and mind a lot lately and I have been working on a post about it. I wasn’t sure if I should post it, but now that you asked, I am feeling a little more confident. I will send it to you directly when I do.
      In the meantime, please know, I would say the same thing. As he gets older, it feels like an hour glass has been turned over. I am nervous and grieved and a little in denial I think, about what the future will hold.
      Thank you for asking and for sharing!

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