A Personal Note From Shawna

Dear Not The Former Things Reader,
I am so grateful that you are here.
I consider it an honor and a privilege that you take time out of your already crazy busy days, to read whatever feeble words I have managed to cobble together in the midst of my own crazy (can I get a witness?).

As life is getting more and more hectic, with the increased demands of doctor’s visits, insurance calls, pharmacy mishaps, meltdown clean-ups, and trying to wash my hair, I find that I have more to say, not less. But more to say about my random everyday, than any one blog post can really do justice. And, as the blog continues to grow (thank you so much for that!), I want to keep it as personal as I can, like a bunch of moms hangin’, and trying to figure out this motherhood thing. 

Blog posts can sometimes, no matter how raw and honest, feel a little less intimate.

With that in mind, I am excited to share that I am launching a new way to stay informed and connected with me, my family, and other Not The Former Things readers. You will notice that in the bar at the very top of this page, I am asking for your email, as a way to send a personal note, once or twice a month. This note will not be posted on the blog or on any social media channel. It will only be sent directly to you.
There are so many things I want to share – what’s working, what’s not, what I love, what I don’t love, what I am hearing from y’all, opportunities to meet up, etc. This note will be a chance for me to do just that, without the formality of a blog post. 
I know from my own experience, that email after email is not what a busy mom needs. So please know, this is not about email marketing. If you choose to give your email, you will receive any new blog post (usually around two a week, sometimes three) and a personal note from me once or twice a month. That’s it. And you can always choose to unsubscribe without hurting my feelings one bit.
Writing you a note is something I do in my head all the time. Like when I am sitting in a busy waiting room at the dentist’s office with my two sensory overloaded sons and think “I know my people would understand just how insane this is…” I figured it might be fun to just write to you already, and a personal email gives me the opportunity to do just that.
Either way, whether you choose to be added to the list or not, please know you are so very valuable to me. Not The Former Things has blessed me, and continues to bless me, more than it ever will you. 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this.
With so much love and respect,

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  1. Yes to more Shawna! This is one step closer to me being able to hang out with you. Feel free to move to the Dallas area next.

    1. I love Dallas!!! If I am ever there, even on a layover, you KNOW I am calling you. 🙂

      1. yay! 🙂 yes, yes, do!

  2. You are such a blessing, Shawna! Thank you for being there. It helps so much to know we’re not alone. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Trisha!

  3. SO thankful for this! Lots of meltdowns these past couple of days due to a few changes that seem minor to me but are HUGE for my son. Any small tweaking to our “normal” routine and things can get really intense really fast. And I get weary and impatient and am so thankful for grace right now!

  4. Love this. I’m trying to build my subscriber list, too. I’m going to sign up for yours!

  5. Thank you for still finding time to inspire and comfort us, even in the midst of all the crazy.

    1. I mean it when I say it is honestly my pleasure. Thank you for being here, Andrea.

  6. Krista Monroe says:

    Shawna, I am so thankful a friend referred me to your blog last year. We have a beautiful autistic 7 year old daughter, and God has used your words to lift my heart when I can’t seem to manage even the next 10 minutes. Thank you for your practical advice on advocating for special needs in school and in church. As a public school teacher and a mom, your suggestions are right on. You inspire me. Forget moving to Dallas. Rochester NY is where it’s at!! :0)

    With deep appreciation,

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