Why I Gave Up On Chore Charts

There was a time when I thought I had this parenting/homemaking thing all figured out (Of course this was before I actually had kids, and actually stayed home with them…). I was amazing in my imagined state. I was the best cook, maintained the cleanest and best decorated home, and […]


My boys could not be more opposite – I mean in almost EVERY WAY. They look different. They prefer completely different foods, games, shows, pass times – you name it, it’s different. They are wonderfully complex. It is my hope that sharing details of their livesĀ  will give you a […]

Give Us This Day

I am trying to learn to not let comments on my cooking, pantry items, and shopping list get to me. “Ugh, it is all slop! There is nothing good in this entire house. Why can’t anything ever taste right?” When your son has sensory issues that include taste, texture and […]

How Can I Help?

I have several close friends who have walked with me, lovingly and faithfully, through this year of crazy. I realize this makes me incredibly blessed. I know not every mom, no matter what their child’s circumstances, has a strong support system. This makes me sad. I am not sure I […]

The Dad Podcast

We recently had the honor sitting down with Mick’s friend, Justin, for his “The Dad Podcast”. Although Mick does this kind of thing all the time and I have been a public speaker for years, it was completely terrifying. First of all, this podcast will live on in internet land […]