Not The Former Things – Featured Advocate at Mental Health Advocates United

Anyone who knew me in my twenties might actually fall on the ground laughing when they hear that I have been selected as Mental Health Advocates United’s “Featured Advocate” this week. It’s hard to believe, I know. But it’s true. Because both High Functioning Autism and Dyslexia can lead to […]

Money Saving Mom Feature – Not The Former Things

It wasn’t until we were knee deep in evaluations and doctor’s appointments that we realized how much our financial life would change. Please join me today over at Money Saving Mom (link here), where our family’s story is being shared. Special thanks to Crystal and her team! They work tirelessly […]

Our Week in Pictures

Happy Friday All. (Completely unrelated – I saw an e-card once that said, “‘TGIF, said no mom ever!’”. It’s kinda true. I mean, if you are home with your little ones all week, Saturday doesn’t always look that much different. Although the hubs being around for back-up is always better […]

When It’s a Tough Week

I was planning to write about meltdowns and sensory issues this morning. Instead, I am living them. It’s been a tough week here. Sourdough and Bacon just got back from a visit with their dad in Seattle. Flying, with all of the airport announcements and crowds and more announcements, then […]

Marriage In The Messy

We were married almost five years ago. In five years, a lot has changed. For instance: The boys and I moved to Southern California from Washington. We “blended our family” – meaning Mick living with a wife and kids for the first time, and the boys/me adjusting to going from […]

Why I Gave Up On Chore Charts

There was a time when I thought I had this parenting/homemaking thing all figured out (Of course this was before I actually had kids, and actually stayed home with them…). I was amazing in my imagined state. I was the best cook, maintained the cleanest and best decorated home, and […]

We’re introverts. You’ll have to get over it.

I am delighted to share this post from “Pensive Aspie” as I am certain this is exactly what my son would say if he could form the words. I am so grateful for her courageous blog and willingness to use her experience to help us understand.