Page A Day Math For The Child Who Struggles With Writing

Even math practice can be a struggle when your child is not writing fluently. Let’s talk about math for the child who struggles with writing.

When my oldest son was in elementary school, he was required to complete a math fluency worksheet every single day.

It had 100 math problems to a page, all addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The tests were timed and they were an absolute disaster for my child.

It wasn’t just because he was struggling in math.

No, most of the time, his frustration was in needing to write the numbers efficiently and fluently. He knew the concepts and could do the math – it was the writing that got in the way.

Math For The Child Who Struggles With Writing

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share products that I would use in my own home, with my own kiddos.

Fast forward a few years and my youngest son began to struggle with the same thing. Although he was easily able complete simple math equations in his head, writing numbers was a real challenge for his dyslexic brain. A simple math worksheet could devolve into a battleground quickly and without warning.

The solution, for both of my children, was to give them practice sheets that had less math problems to a page, and to draw lines to help guide their writing strokes. It worked, really well, but it meant I was doing a ton of work just to prepare a very basic math practice activity.

I remember thinking at the time, “I just wish there was some math program that took writing numbers into account as well.”

Math For The Child Who Struggles With Writing

Page A Day Math For The Child Who Struggles With Writing

When I came across Page A Day Math, I was instantly reminded of my boys’ troubles. 

Designed to help increase math fluency, the program has grid-lines and boxes to help the learner not just solve the math problem, but write the answer as well!

It’s exactly what I spent countless hours doing on my own, except much better looking, more official and easier on mom!

Math For The Child Who Struggles With Writing

What Is Page A Day Math?

Page A Day Math offer kits are for Pre-K Math, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. All math kits come with flash cards, assessments, two handwriting books, and a progress tracker.

A single kit consists of 10 workbooks in a little box (thank you instant organization!). Each workbook includes an estimated 14 days of work. I appreciate this approach as it allows the learner to feel a sense of progress and accomplishment all along the way, as opposed to having to work through an entire program in order to achieve completion.

Page A Day Math works both a supplement to any math curriculum, or on its own as a comprehensive basic math fact fluency curriculum

Page A Day Math


Page A Day Math For The Struggling Learner

This is the first product I’ve seen that provides writing support throughout the math practice. I find Page A Day Math to be an excellent option for children who are dysgraphic or simply struggling a bit with writing.

It reminds me of the adaptive paper my son used in occupational therapy, but in the context of the math book itself. It’s a wonderful blend of support for a struggling writer practicing math facts. 

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