Our Week (or so) In Pictures

The thing about posting your week in pictures? You have to remember to take pictures.

So, I think the “week” part needs to be flexible…really flexible.

Join me as I link up with other bloggers at Life Rearranged, doing the mommy dance each week. I think it’s fun to peek into random strangers lives (either that or I need professional help).

Either way, I invite you to peek, stare, and point at the collection of moments that make up our week and our lives.


This kid. He was grounded from technology for the night and decided the only thing left to do was put on his Captain America costume and skateboard. He thanked me for grounding him when he was done because he learned how to do a sweet trick.

I am in so much trouble. He is way too cute for his level of mischief.


One of Sourdough’s favorite places is a huge garden near our home. He loves it, we have a membership, so we go all the time.

This week, it was just he and I and I really noticed how meticulous he is about the routine. We went in exactly the same order that we always do, through the plant lab, then the children’s garden, out to the Chinese Garden, then the Japanese garden, up to the herb garden and through the rose garden. That is just how we do it.

This I knew. What I didn’t realize until this trip is that he is looking at the plants in each individual garden in exactly the same order – every time. There are hundreds, probably thousands of plants – he has them categorized by name and location and looks at the them every time in same order .

He amazes me. It took my breath away because it was like glimpsing something bigger than me, than all of us. I honestly felt like I was in the presence of God as I watched and wondered.


It can be beautiful like that. It can also be this – part of doing the same thing every time, apparently includes wearing the same t-shirt. I also had no idea that he had worn this t-shirt every time we had visited in the past, but apparently he had. So, you can imagine when it was dirty, that was not going to fly.

I dug it out of the hamper, sprayed some water with  a little lemon essential oil on it, dried it in the dryer and off we went.

My advice? You can’t fight rigid thinking. Don’t try.


And then, they were gone.

It was a visitation week with their dad last week. So I did what I needed to do, which was sit around in my jammies all.day.long. The hubs was at work all day, I was free as a bird, and felt the best way to honor that freedom was total laziness. It was wonderful.


When they came back, Mick took them for a little bit of this.

We have boys in this house. Clearly. All three of them came home with twinkling eyes, and had to light at least a few immediately.

You can find me later today, holding my breath and trying not to freak out in a panic that someone’s getting third degree burns.

mick and i

You will also find me wishing this guy a happy birthday. He’s 40 today. I’m not.

I ‘m not for another 20 days and I intend to remind him and everyone else of that.

I also intend to spoil this guy rotten. He deserves it.

Happy 4th of July everyone and Happy Birthday to Mick!

Here’s to a week filled with fun, love, family, food, and moments where we slow down enough to really perceive God in our midst.

He’s there every time, all the time…and I am grateful.





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