Our Week in Pictures

Happy Friday All.

(Completely unrelated – I saw an e-card once that said, “‘TGIF, said no mom ever!'”. It’s kinda true. I mean, if you are home with your little ones all week, Saturday doesn’t always look that much different. Although the hubs being around for back-up is always better here. Maybe I can say TGIF…)

I wanted to try something new this week. One of my all time favorite blogs, Life Rearranged, does this bloggy thing called “InstaFriday”. She posts pictures of her week and invites others to do the same. I have been checking her blog on Friday mornings for more than a year now, just to smile, get a little encouragement, maybe laugh a little at her children’s antics, and then get on with the day.

In that spirit, I thought I would do the same. (I promise, I am not being a big ol’ copy cat – she actually asks for others to do the same!)

So here it is, our week in pictures…


Coming off the craziness of last week’s meltdowns, and still having a few left over for this week means I am way, way behind around the house, especially on laundry. I am not sure how it gets so out of hand so quickly. It seems like it there are only two options in our household – completely caught up, or searching for clean undies. This week, there has been at least one laundry basket at all times, waiting to be folded and put away, sitting in our dining room, mocking me. Great start to our week in pictures, I know. You’re welcome.


Because we still had a bit of a tough week with Sourdough, I changed up the homeschool plan to include plenty of projects. He didn’t want to do any of them, but did decide it was time to make homemade pretzels. I took this picture just as he started to freak out because of the feeling of the dough on his hands. (Sometimes, he is totally fine with it. Others, not so much.)


Meltdown averted.

I mean his nickname is Sourdough. We had to find a way to be able to knead dough even with sensory issues!


The kid’s legit.

I served these with dinner. One less side dish for me to make and he was thrilled at all the compliments.



Bacon’s project this week was releasing lady bugs he had been caring for since the larva stage. (This is one of those kits where you buy the plastic container and the kids are so excited. Then you get home and have to go online to purchase the bugs themselves. Everyone forgets about it for a few weeks until suddenly, bugs are delivered to your mailbox).

He thought it would be like releasing butterflies. He opened up the habitat, stood there, and absolutely nothing happened. He tried to coax them out. He tried to flick them out. He left them in the bushes, thinking they might crawl out. Nothing. Ladybugs apparently really, really like plastic habitats. So Bacon did the only thing any self respecting 8 year old would do – he turned them upside down and forcefully shook them until they had no choice but to fall onto our rose bushes. Mission accomplished.


Our dog completely forgot how to fetch this week. Completely. The boys were beside themselves. I was beside myself because it was something they loved to do, outside, without me. We tried and we tried, but fetching was just no longer an option. She’s cute, but I really need her to pull more weight around here.


Occupational Therapy. It always looks so weird. It always helps.


My favorite picture this week. I needed the reminder. And the wine.

So, how was your week???



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  1. Loved it blog today! But unless u want pics of counseling appts, Maddy peeling her pants and me sleeping on the couch…I will
    Pass on the pics! Xxxxooo

  2. Ohh I so want to do this next Friday!!!

    1. That would be awesome, Sam! I would love to see all the beautiful crazy you guys come up with…

  3. Great pictures of your week! Those pretzels looks delicious!

    1. Thank you! The pretzels were actually pretty good – he got the recipe off the package of yeast, so it was simple but delicious.

  4. Oh my word! I’m an OT and your caption for the OT picture is absolutely perfect. I’ve had to start conversations with parents so many times by saying, “ok, I know this sounds weird, but…” Your boys are lucky to have a mom who is willing to be creative in finding those solutions to make life happen.

    1. Thank you so much, Heather for your comments and for the work you do with kids. We LOVE our OT. She is like a breath of fresh air and has made a wonderful difference in our son’s life. I am certain your families feel the same!

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