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Our Week In Pictures – Super Loving Summer

We are back on track this week…in so many ways.

Not the least of which is another “Week in Pictures” post and linky link-up to Life Rearranged.

After the doctor gave me the “talking to” last week, I am so blessed to say that my attitude has been so much better this week. It shows in these pictures. It shows in how much I enjoyed being with the boys. It shows in how diligent I have been in keeping up with all things homemaker.

Take a look at this –

Insta E.5

This is me. With my hair done. And make-up on. And the bed made. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! (pretend like the pile of laundry isn’t in the background umkay?)

I was so excited to have my hair done that I didn’t even mind going and looking at BBQ’s for an hour with Sourdough.

insta E.1

Until he found this…a smoker. Not just any smoker, THE smoker.

He wants it. Bad. So all things smoker now.

Our life. So predictable. So uniquely ours.

Insta E.3

And one of the benefits? Having a son who is consumed with all things BBQ and cooking means he makes this for you for lunch. Just because.

It was delicious and it was a reminder. There are so many hidden lovelies in all of this… not the least of which is a gourmet lunch.

insta E.4

Sourdough is not the only one with obsessions. Our entire family is crazy for Mythbusters. Although it originated with Sourdough, it spread, fast. Now my husband is ordering shirts with their quotes on the front and I am geeking out over an exhibit at the local science center. You don’t even know.

It was amazing – all the science and all the fun. If you live in or will be around Southern CA any time this summer, you should go.

Insta E.4b

And don’t miss the bed of nails. Bacon was so excited about this. He was jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to lie down…On A Bed Of Nails. To each his own I guess.

Insta E.7

When we weren’t cooking, or exploring crazy cool science exhibits, we were totally taking advantage of the neighbor’s pool. We are so blessed to live next door to these people. The boys swim over there every day, sometimes twice a day. And I soak up summer. And the blissful sound of kids playing and having fun and being kids.

give thanks





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