My Only Goal For The New Year

My email box is overflowing with New Years topics right now.

How To Crush Your Goals This Year!

Make This Your Best Year Yet!

Why You Need A (fill in the blank with budget, schedule, plan) This New Years.

I haven’t clicked on a single one.

New Years and all the getting back on track that comes with it is 100% my jam. My only goal for the new year is simple.

It’s not that I am not interested in these topics.

Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I love a plan and a goal. New Years and all the getting back on track that comes with it is 100% my jam. Give me a printable to help me determine my top priorities for the year and I will fill it out, highlight it and smile.

But this year, it just feels wrong for me. It feels wrong for my family.

My Only Goal For The New Year

After several years of scrambling to figure out how best to help my youngest son, all the while maintaining a sense of consistency and order for my oldest, stay married, pay the gigantic hospital bills, and somehow educate and feed everyone every day, last year brought us a gift that we did not expect.

A little bit of stability.

After years of chaos, struggle and an increasing dread that things were never going to improve, they did.

My Only Goal For The New Year

It began with a diagnosis for my youngest son that was like a final piece in the medically complicated, chronic illness puzzle.

While a life threatening, Common Variable Immunodeficiency diagnosis does not sound like something that would make your life easier, turns out, knowing really does.

Knowing means we have options for treatment.

Knowing means he is getting better.

Knowing means my sweet son can actually enjoy Christmas.

My Only Goal For The New Year

My Only Goal For The New Year

As we head into this new year, I am so grateful.

Mostly, I am grateful it is not last new years or the one before. We have made progress. It is better than it was. This time around is a gift.

And so, my only goal for the new year is this –

Appreciate the good.

I have no idea how long this period of stability and calm will last. I am hopeful that it will, but also comfortable with the fact that stability is not something typically used to describe complicated children.

For now, for however long it lasts, I want to appreciate it. I want to give thanks for it.

It sounds like a perfect way to begin our new year.

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  1. What a beautiful goal for the new year. For the last few years I have chosen a word for the year. A word that comes with no expectations except to kind of remember it and kind of let it guide me a bit (should I remember….again….I make it low expectations). My word for 2019 is “strong”. However, after reading this, I am rethinking it. “Appreciate” just seems so much more appropriate and feels very right to me. I will think on it the rest of the day and should it continue to speak to me, I will be changing my 2019 word to appreciate.

    I don’t always comment on your posts, but I read and do sincerely appreciate each and every one. They always speak to my heart and I find such wisdom, strength, and reassurance in each one. I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year, and hope it is filled with only good things.

    1. Beautiful. Thank you so much for your kind words. I “appreciate” you!

  2. Sarah Ochoa says:

    I’m so happy things are improving for you guys! That’s wonderful! Happiest of New Years to you!

  3. Perfect goal!

  4. My son also has eosiniphilic gastroenteritis & an iga disorder! I’m sorry you’re dealing with it too, but having a diagnosis, even an obscure, hard to treat one, is such a positive step. I hope the new year brings you continued stability & improved health for your boy!

    1. Wow Kate! I am glad to at least know one other mom dealing with this. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

    2. Wow!!! I love knowing there’s another mom out there who understands. Thank you so much, Kate. <3

  5. Amanda Kostreva says:

    I really love this! I feel like last year was the first year we found a glimpse of stability also. For different reasons, but still, stability!
    Thank you for writing your blog and sharing the hard stuff. It helps me know I’m not alone.

    1. These glimpses of stability are the best! Thank you so much for your comment.
      Wishing you and yours the best year yet!

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