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Because Moms Know Best – Here To Help Learning

I looked over the list of speakers and topics.

Too many of them made me feel sad.

That would never work for my boys,” I thought to myself over and over again.

I went to The Great Homeschool Convention last month, determined to encourage as many mommas, feeling the same sense of being different and left out, as I possibly could.

I had no idea that I would be the one encouraged, by another family, working right next door to my booth.

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The Mora’s are a super funny, super sincere family . We met as we set up booths at the convention, and continued to hit it off throughout the course of the weekend.

I knew they were my people when I heard the frequent, sarcastic banter between them.

But the best part, was how encouraging they were to parents of children that have learning differences and special needs.

They knew. They clearly understood what it’s like, to have a child “behind” and struggling to learn.

I met their beautiful daughter, dyslexic like my son, funny like her parents, and clearly thriving as a teenager. I heard their story. I saw their interactions with other parents, and with the kids who would run up to their booth and stay for as long as their weary moms would let them.

These people are the real deal.

So it was no surprise to me that their Here to Help Language Arts program was such a great fit for my son.

My husband and I made the decision to sign up for their program, after seeing their promo video. (Full disclosure – the Mora’s wouldn’t take our money. It’s only $6.99 a month, and we were happy to pay it. They instead allowed me to write this honest post and I’m grateful.)

Language arts is a difficult subject to manage for the dyslexic child. My son is behind in reading, yes. But because he struggles with the words on the page, he also struggles with the rules that govern effective writing.

Try teaching a ten year old what a sentence is, when he can barely make out the words within it. 

here to help.2

Here To Help takes an innovative approach to this, using videos and interactive media to engage the learner, struggling with typical teaching methods.

It is fun. It is smart. And it has kept my son’s attention in a way I haven’t seen with other language arts program.

The videos are high quality. (Y’all know my husband works in media. He would not stop talking about how this product was the most professionally produced video content at the convention. He’s geeky like that.)

Better still, the writing is witty and appropriate for a variety of ages – not just for littles.

They have monthly writing contests and the winners are selected at random. This encourages the struggling writer because they know they have a chance to win. (I love this!!! Nothing is worse than my son feeling defeated before he even starts the work.)

The website has a section just for learners with special needs – written by a mom who truly gets it and wants to help.

And it’s only $6.99 per month. That’s all.

here to help.1

Suffice to say, I highly recommend trying this program, especially if you have a learner needing a new approach to language arts.

Not only do I love that it was created by a family just like mine and yours, but it lives up to its name.

This program is very much Here to Help.

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