When Our Lives Are Rearranged

Before we were 100% sure of my son’s diagnoses, but were pretty sure they were coming, I stumbled upon Life Rearranged. It has nothing to do with autism. It does have everything to do with a momma’s heart for her child and family, no matter what their needs and requirements. So reading it felt familiar, comfortable, helpful – and most of all real.


Jeannett is one of my all time favorite writers. She is smart, and she is funny, she is honest and she makes me cry (ugly cry,) she makes me laugh and she makes me get on my knees and thank Jesus for the life He has given me.

This morning I read that Jeannett is on her way to stay at the UCLA hospital with her little girl, in desperate attempt to learn more about her seizures. She has no idea how long they will be there or what the outcome of the study will be. She will be leaving her other three, awesome, crazy cute kiddos to make this happen. She will sit and wait and wait and wait for the worst to happen, knowing that the worst is the best way to help the doctors learn how to help her little girl.

Please keep Jeannett, and her daughter Jilly in your prayers. Click here to read more and tell me you can’t identify with her description of the tug that comes from feeling bitter, sad, worried, and at the same time, blessed beyond measure. It’s a strange tug-of-war. It’s a beautiful tug-of-war.

I am grateful for her heart to share it.

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  1. Sending heaps and heaps of prayers, and heading over to her site. They way you described it is the way I feel about yours. Different situations but so similar in sentiment.

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