What We Learned From Two Weeks In Public School

In what can only be described as a surreal moment, I found myself signing documents to enroll my son in public school last month.

I love homeschooling.

My sons love homeschooling.

I write all about how much homeschooling has made a tremendous impact on my sons’ education, despite their learning differences. The longer we homeschool, the more I can imagine us continuing to do it all the way through high school.

So it took a lot to sign those documents. But it was worth it.

My son spent two weeks in a public program for special needs. Here is what I learned.


The school program was through the hospital my son was admitted to last month. Nursing staff, therapists and teachers alike provided ongoing care each day.

My son was officially in public school for two weeks.

And I learned so very much.

Please join me today at Simple Homeschool. I am sharing all about our experience – the good, the bad, and the lessons I learned along the way.

See you there!

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