Mom Confession: YouTube Makes My Life Easier

I used to be a little bitter when I cooked dinner and then my husband didn’t do the dishes.

To be fair, most nights he would, but some nights, not so much.

I would also hate my life when the laundry needing to be folded piled up on my bed throughout the day and I could no longer see the other side of my bedroom.

And don’t get me started on how often I whined about how long it takes to blow dry my hair.

No more, and all thanks to one little secret that makes everything just a little bit more doable around here.


I never, ever thought I would be recommending more media and more screen time, but here we are.

Seriously, y’all.

YouTube makes my life easier.

From homeschool to homemaking, it’s like my mother’s helper, but with hair and make-up tutorials. 

It makes even the chores I can’t stand just a little more bearable.

Who knew?

YouTube is fast becoming a major part of our days.

Here’s how –

YouTube For Mom

Because YouTube videos tend to be shorter than an entire TV show, it’s easy to commit to a seven-minute video when I just need a break.

Honestly, the content I prefer is not hard-hitting or earth-shattering.

There is something very relaxing about watching someone else clean their kitchen (yes, I said it).

I have NO idea how or why this works, but it’s true.

My favorite channels for helpful Mom tips and just checking out a bit are:

The Daily Connoisseur

How Jen Does It

Light By Coco

Jamerrill’s Large Family Table

YouTube For The Kids

This is a BIG one around here.

My sons LOVE them some YouTube.

They have daily shows they watch for fun, and channels devoted exclusively to education. It has been a serious game changer in our daily schedule.

For example, every morning my youngest and I watch two videos together (GMM and Snake Bytes TV). We laugh, talk and ease into our morning in a way that works for his slow to warm up self.

My oldest found a YouTube channel that details WWI history, week by week. He asked if he could use it for his history work in our homeschool. (Um – yes.)

There are animal shows, computer builds, Top 10 Harry Potter lists – I could go on and on about how much quality YouTube is bringing to our day.

But I won’t because my boys also sometimes use it to watch other people play video games (why is this a thing?).

Suffice to say, YouTube is a big deal in our day-to-day routine, and I have stopped feeling bad about it.

My sons’ favorite channels are:

Linus Tech Tips


Brave Wilderness

The Backyard Scientist

Brian Barczyk Daily Vlog

YouTube For The Household

I had a stain on our porcelain sink that I just couldn’t get out. Until I searched YouTube.

My husband wanted to try to fix the same sink’s backed up plumbing so we wouldn’t have to make a pricey weekend call to a plumber. He searched YouTube and a video man patiently and carefully demonstrated exactly what needed to be done.

There is even a dad that shows the best BBQ techniques.

More than the instructional videos, I love turning on vidoes while cleaning the kitchen, folding the laundry and completing other random tasks.

I watch other moms do their laundry, cook their meals, and clean their floors.

I am not sure why this works, but it does. I am motivated and inspired to do the same.

My new favorite has been watching Beth Moore videos when I am struggling to get into my own Bible reading.

She’s fierce and fun and loves Jesus and is readily available whenever I need her, compliments of YouTube.

It may seem silly, and I guess, in the grand scheme of things, it is.

But the truth is, I need all the help I can get around here.

If it comes in the form of instructional and/or entertaining videos, who am I to argue?

YouTube is making my life easier.

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