This Homeschool Enrichment Program Makes Learning Come Alive

One of the most challenging parts of homeschooling, for me, is finding resources that genuinely interest my kids. This homeschool enrichment program does it for me!

When we first started homeschooling ten years ago, I spent so much time looking for curriculum resources that were purely academic.

The latest reading program.

The newest math manipulatives.

The history videos.

Once I had those covered, I thought I was done.


homeschool enrichment program


As many of you know, our first year learning at home was a disaster, on every level.

My kids rebelled. I cried. My kids cried. I pushed harder. We all cried some more.

It wasn’t until I took a step back, almost a full year later, that I realized I had been using the exact same approach as the traditional school setting we had just left – because it wasn’t working!


homeschool enrichment program


Why Homeschool Enrichment Is Important

One of the biggest changes I made after this realization, was adding in various enrichment activities as part of our homeschool day. 

A little fish study here. A science project in the kitchen there. Eventually, it started to make sense and my children began to thrive. They learned faster and they learned more!

Ten years later, I now begin and end my homeschooling planning with a more wholistic approach to my boys’ learning. 


homeschool enrichment program


The hardest part about making this change has been the workload for me. 

It’s easy to buy a math curriculum. It’s a lot harder to come up with regular ideas for creative and engaging enrichment activities (a lot harder!).

I am excited to share a resource that does the work for you and allows you to focus on what matters most – the time you spend learning with your kids!


This Homeschool Enrichment Program Makes Learning Come Alive


Enrichment Activities At Home

Enriched at Home is a cutting-edge digital subscription service delivering at-home enrichment modules.  It is designed to complement every style of elementary education, allowing families to bridge the gap between traditional school subjects and the development of the whole child. 

The Enriched at Home curriculum is a monthly digital download.  Each month is based around a new character trait as the general theme, and is supported by literature, discussion, nature experiences, physical wellness and nutrition guidance.


Homeschool Enrichment Program


Enriched at Home’s research-backed modules cover three categories each month:

  • S.E.L.F (Social and Emotional Learning for Families),
  • Nature
  • Nutrition 


Homeschool Enrichment Program


A Homeschool Enrichment Program For The Whole Child

As an example, we completed a bird study last week as part of our January Enriched At Home activities. This nature module included:

Beautiful Illustrations

Interesting Facts About Birds (Did you know that ducks sometimes sleep with one eye open? Yeah, me neither!)

Nature Journaling

Creating a Bird Feeder

Listening and Mapping Nature Sounds

A Treasure Hunt/Feather Hunt


In addition to the bird study, we also cooked a recipe together and had discussions around “Personal Initiative” (the S.E.L.F. topic of the month).


homeschool enrichment program


An Overview Of Enriched At Home

Overall, I found Enriched at Home to be easy to use and very well done. 

The greatest benefit, from my perspective, is that it takes the guesswork and pressure out of adding these types of activities to our homeschools. Each month, you have hands-on activity options for social-emotional learning, nature study and nutrition/cooking, without ever having to do a single Pinterest search. 

Take a look for yourself HERE or, even better, enter to win a full year’s worth of learning with Enriched at Home





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