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I have never had to really worry about my son wandering off. He is a rule-bound child. So much so that we sometimes have to help him navigate situations where rules no longer apply.

For example, he is a twelve year old boy.  It is perfectly appropriate for him to cross the street without holding my hand and waiting for me to say it is safe to step off the curb. This rule applied when he was two, but he still wants to follow it today. He loves him some rules. They make life more predictable and safe.

So I have never once considered what it would be like to have a child on the spectrum who wanders. That is, until I met more mommas of little ones like mine.

Mommas who live fearful and on alert, accustomed to having to search for their child in the store, the neighborhood, the school.

Mommas who have extra locks on the door, not to keep people out, but to keep their sweet one in.

It makes my heart ache, thinking about adding this level of stress to all the other pressures we face.





I don’t do reviews of products here very often – mostly because many aren’t that relevant to our lives, and why would I waste your autism momma time to make a few dollars telling you all about how great some new granola bar is (not that blogs shouldn’t review products – it’s just never been my jam to offer something that doesn’t make sense for a momma livin’ la veda loca we call autism).

But this is different. This is designed by a parent with a child on the spectrum, especially for parents with children on the spectrum.

AngelSense is a product designed to help parents who deal with the threat of losing their child, every single day. They are not paying me nor giving me any consideration for this post. They just simply asked if I would be interested in helping them help families.

My answer? Yes.




AngelSense is the only GPS and Voice Monitoring solution designed especially for children with special needs.  And it has worked for so many families.

Please take a look at this video, featuring real life mommas, using AngelSense in real life to protect their kids, give their kids an increased Independence, and gain some much needed peace of mind for themselves. (Plus, how cool is it that they hire special needs parents on purpose, because they want to make sure everyone really understands how important this is and difficult it can be for families???)

Right now, for a limited time, AngelSense is offering a $90.00 discount to families who sign up in time for the back to school season.

Even if you don’t sign up your little one, please take a look. Maybe another momma and child you know could benefit from this family first product.

I have been impressed, not only in hearing the success stories of families using AngelSense, but with the people who work there.

They care about this. It matters to them. They know what it is like. And they want to help.



Again, I received no payment or consideration in exchange for this post – this is purely an opportunity to share a great product, designed to help families of children on the spectrum. Love, Shawna



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  1. It is a wonderful product for peace of mind!! We started using it for our 11 yr old son who is HFA about a year ago. I am a parent who worries a lot!! Our son is a very sweet, and lacks awareness of his surroundings and stranger danger. We try to encourage independence and feel a lot more confident with angel sense to nurture this independence. Today for the first time ever we let him ride his bike to school alone!! The tracker allows us to view his route in real time and we know he made it safely to school. It is a huge milestone in his life! My husband works in technology and researched a variety of products and this product overall is the most reliable and user friendly. Fyi the monthly fee is a bit costly (wish you submit to insurance!) but our sons safety is worth every penny. ! We are thankful for this product and would highly recommend it.

  2. Can any one tell me how to stop my device from beeping this will be a problem during school

    1. There is a real time chat feature on the angel sense website, try asking there. Our tracker has never beeped (knock on wood), do you think the battery may be low?

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