Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids – What Not To Do Today

I love Beth Woolsey. LOVE her.

She is the author of a blog called Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids and is by far, the most honest mom I have found on the internet. She writes with optimism and grace, with a whole lot of reality thrown in.

So, when she asked if she could run a guest post from Not The Former Things, I was beyond excited. I was actually freaking out a little. I have forwarded and shared so many things she has written about life and friends and a whole mess of kids and a whole messy house and a husband who loves her through it all.

She’s the type of momma who posts this as her ode to the typical mommy blog clean up picture:

This picture might be what cemented my love.


And now, one of my silly posts is on her blog.

Please click over to her site. You can even skip my post and just read on. I promise, you will not be disappointed. She is the real deal and so much fun.

Happy Friday Y’all!



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  1. Great post! I don’t have special needs children but still hit the nail on the head

    1. I am so glad you “got it”, Nicola. We all can hold ourselves to impossible standards, no matter what our circumstances!

  2. And there, is a picture of many of the rooms in my house. I clean them up for my scrapbooks by cropping out the mess. Somehow, living on a day to day basis, I can walk right by the clutter and not even “see” it. But when someone else comes over, like the ATT guy to install our internet, suddenly I “see” it, and am embarrassed. But after he leaves, well…it’s just too overwhelming. We get by day by day. Ours is also a house affected by autism.

    1. It’s just the reality of it. I know what you mean about “seeing it” when someone else comes in – that feeling is so yucky. But, some things have to go and our priorities are just not going to be cleaning up the desk or scrubbing the floor when we are already overwhelmed with our little people and their needs, I guess.
      Praying for you and yours this morning,

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