My Favorite Facebook, Instagram And Pinterest Pages For Homeschoolers

I remember the feeling like it was yesterday.

I was standing alone, at our dining room table, putting away the boys’ school books. It was six months into our homeschooling journey and it was not going well.

I was tired and frustrated.

My boys were frustrated and bored.

Nothing was going as planned. Nothing looked the way I thought it would.

Nothing about homeschooling was working.

I asked for help from the few friends I had that homeschooled. I ordered two books on Amazon. Both helped, but also made me feel even more concern. My family just did not seem to work like everyone else’s.

In desperation, and on a whim, I decided to search ‘homeschool’ as I mindlessly scrolled Facebook that night. Simple Homeschool came up in the search. I clicked and the rest is history.

My Favorite Facebook, Instagram And Pinterest Pages For Homeschoolers Shawna Wingert, Not The Former Things

That was nine years ago.

Since then, I can’t believe how much of a resource various social media accounts have been for me in my journey as a homeschooling mom . I seriously cannot imagine homeschooling without access to so many different women, families and shared ideas.

As I have ventured into my own blog and subsequent social media accounts, I have tried to remember that feeling. Homeschooling can be a very lonely business sometimes.

If you are interested in using social media as a way to connect with and be inspired by other homeschooling families, I want to encourage you to give it a try. Social media often creates controversy and drama, but just as often in my world, it creates encouragement and support.

Allow me to share with you (in no particular order) some of my absolute, go-to pages and accounts for immediate homeschool goodness.

My Favorite Facebook, Instagram And Pinterest Pages For Homeschoolers


I use my Facebook page to publish new blog posts and most importantly, connect with you! My favorite Facebook pages tend to do the same. I know I can click on them to read a post or two, educate myself a bit, laugh, and connect with other homeschoolers.

Raising Lifelong Learners with Colleen Kessler

Uncomplicated Kara

Homeschool Solutions with Pam Barnhill

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Rock Your Homeschool

Autism Homeschool Mama

Hide The Chocolate

Joy In The Journey

Homeschool Mindset with Bethany Ishee

Parenting ADHD and Autism

Kara S. Anderson

My Little Poppies

Homeschooling Without Training Wheels

The Classical Unschooler

and of course… Simple Homeshool!



I love the slice of real life that Instagram provides. For my account, I mostly share day in the life type of glimpses, because that is what I enjoy seeing on other pages. Kiddos making messes, mommies looking tired, amazing nature walks and a little bit of all homeschooling has to offer are what has drawn me to these ladies on Instagram.

Wright at Homeschool

Kris Bales (Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers)

Kara S. Anderson

My Little Poppies

Learning Well Community

Erin (Nourishing My Scholar)

Julie Bogart, Bravewriter

Table Life Blog

Kari Patterson

Mary @ Not Before 7

Tricia Hodges

Lara’s Place

Also Melissa



I am really, really new to this whole Pinterest thing. The more I use it, the more I adore how easy and effective it is in finding solutions to everyday problems in my homeschooling. My Pinterest boards are dedicated to sharing tips, encouragement and hands-on activities. I find I gravitate to the same types of boards on Pinterest and the following are my go-to’s when I need solutions fast.

Homeschooling With Dyslexia

Misty @ Joy In the Journey

Look! We’re Learning

iHomeschool Network

Lara @ Everyday Graces

Jen, Practical By Default

Autism Homeschool Mama

What are your favorites? Who did I miss? Please share for all of us in the comments below!

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