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A Day In Our Life – School

A day in our life can bring many things.

This week (because so many of you have asked for it – be careful what you wish for people!), I want to tell you a little about what our day to day actually entails.


I found in trying to write about a typical day, it was impossible to include all of what I wanted to say, without writing short book. Like you, my life and my attention is scattered across so many different roles and responsibilities. With that in mind, I have decided to share three days – one from the perspective of a school day, one from the perspective of managing a day when the worst part of our special needs take over, and one from the perspective of my marriage/husband. I figure that should just about cover it!

Please join me today over at Simple Homeschool, as I share a very real, very honest look at a day in our school life. (click here for Shawns’s Homeschool Day In The Life)

And please join me later this week for more!




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