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How Do I Know My Child Is Making Progress?

There…in the…wa…wa…water was a boy.

My youngest son struggled to read the sentence.


I tried to encourage him, my heart sinking.

Good. Keep going.

As he worked harder than any eleven-year-old boy should have to just to read The Story Of Ping, I thought to myself, “Surely by this time next year he will be able to do this.”

‘This time next year’ has been a constant, lingering, elusive measure of success in our homeschool for six years now.

I mutter it to myself when the math concept is not clicking.

I think it constantly when someone questions my dyslexic son’s reading ability.

I comfort myself with it when we are having a tough day.

‘By this time next year’ has somehow become my method of measuring progress and instilling hope in our homeschool. And it is not serving us well.

Please join me today at Simple Homeschool where I share my experience with letting go of “this time next year” and answer the question, “How Do I Know My Child Is Making Progress?”

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