Tips and Tricks

Like many of you, I am always looking for ways to save time, energy and money around here. So, when a mom emailed me recently and asked me to share any tips and tricks I might have for managing our sometimes crazy/sometimes messy/always busy life, I really wanted to respond. […]

Our Week in Pictures

Happy Friday All. (Completely unrelated – I saw an e-card once that said, “‘TGIF, said no mom ever!’”. It’s kinda true. I mean, if you are home with your little ones all week, Saturday doesn’t always look that much different. Although the hubs being around for back-up is always better […]


My boys could not be more opposite – I mean in almost EVERY WAY. They look different. They prefer completely different foods, games, shows, pass times – you name it, it’s different. They are wonderfully complex. It is my hope that sharing details of their livesĀ  will give you a […]