Will Homeschooling High School Put My Child At A Disadvantage?

When we started homeschooling a decade ago, I thought that homeschooling high school would be out of the question. I truly believed that it would put my boys at a disadvantage. Turns out, I was wrong. Last week, my son received his first acceptance letter to one of the four […]

14 Important Ways To Help A Struggling Anxious Reader

My son is twelve years old. I clearly remember him in his sweet little preschool classroom at four years old. He loved the arts, the crafts, the playtime and the other children. But the letters, the writing his name, the sounds? Not so much. Even back then, it was obvious […]

As Homeschool Days Turn Into Homeschool Years

My oldest son completed applications to five different four-year colleges last week. He did it completely on his own, researching the various campuses and the accommodations they provide.  It still floors me, just thinking about it. The truth is, I did not think this would be a viable option for […]