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My Love-Hate Relationship With Routines

Y’all, the holiday season took. its. toll. I mean really. After a road trip that lasted two weeks, all the fun that comes with seeing family, kids being spoiled rotten, and eating whatever and whenever, we returned home. Then we promptly all got the stomach flu. In succession. One right after the other, all week-long….

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Resources That “Get It”

When I first heard the news of my boys’ diagnoses, I really struggled. Not just because it was so hard to accept – although it was and sometimes still is. I also struggled, because it was so difficult to find resources that felt relevant to our situation. Many of you have asked me the same…

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Not The Former Things Top 5 Most Asked Questions (and their answers!)

Over the course of the past few months, I have received so many messages from y’all. I LOVE them. I LOVE being able to connect with actual people. I LOVE that you even care enough to comment, email and IM me. Thank you so, so much! In the interest of reaching out to the introverts…

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How To Get The Laundry Done and Not Hate Your Life

We talk about big things here. Hard things. Messy things. Things like chronically ill children and autism and dyslexia and depression and step-families. And…sometimes, the things that have the greatest impact are the smallest victories. That what makes life easier, are the simple tricks that give us a little room to breathe, a little bit…

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Screen Time

This week is “Screen-Free” week. Or around here, “Feel Like A Bad Mom” week. When I think about the amount of time my children spend on screens, my head hurts. The guilt. The assurance that I am absolutely doing the wrong thing. The feeling that good mommas would never… The truth is, I sometimes hate…