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Can You Hear The Hope? – A podcast about parenting and autism

The radio in my car hasn’t worked in years. My son had a massive meltdown on the side of the road one day  and broke the car antenna. (He also dented the bumper, scratched the paint, and drew the attention of a suspicious police officer driving by as he tried to punch me the face….

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What If Good Enough Is All I’ve Got?

“I think, for right now, I just need to settle for good enough.” I distinctly remember saying these words to my sweet friend about a year ago. She nodded sympathetically and said, “Sometimes good enough is the best we can do. In time, it will change. You’ll see.” She was right. In time it did…

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When Worksheets Don’t Work – Simple Homeschool

I have often said that discussing homeschooling publicly is more terrifying to me than spilling my guts about my children, my marriage, my faith, or any other topic. And I know exactly why… I used to be extremely opposed/judgy/uninformed/militantly against it. (I was once so rude and condescending to a homeschooling mom at the park…