Everyday Lessons

It has been a perfect storm kind of week for us. The boys returned Tuesday night after a trip to see their dad. (Read: Flights with uncomfortable seats – especially when you have an arthritic hip – crowded airports, babies crying, not eating well until we got home, and stress […]

My Child Has Just Been Diagnosed With Autism: Where do I start?

A sweet, overwhelmed momma sent me a message this week. She had just received an autism diagnosis for both of her twin boys. She already has them in speech therapy and occupational therapy. She has already been doing everything she can to try to help her sons, without really knowing […]

Can You Hear The Hope? – A podcast about parenting and autism

The radio in my car hasn’t worked in years. My son had a massive meltdown on the side of the road one day¬† and broke the car antenna. (He also dented the bumper, scratched the paint, and drew the attention of a suspicious police officer driving by as he tried […]

When Doctors Don’t Have Any Answers

It has been a rough few weeks around here. Understatement. Let me try again – It has been an overwhelming, scary, frustrating, and stressful few weeks around here. I have been depressed, angry, desperate, and defeated – all within the span of one afternoon. My son has been in bed […]

Remember Not The Former Things

After several, difficult weeks we have finally received a partial diagnosis about my son’s chronic pain. This has left me with more information about how to help him, and more questions about what comes next. The next few weeks will be pretty quiet around here, as I pursue my first […]