This Is What Happens When Your Child Has Comorbid Diagnoses

When I first started sharing our family’s journey six years ago, I wrote about one diagnosis – autism. It was overwhelming and I needed support. I needed other moms. I needed a real life example of what to do and how to help. Since then, I have found all of […]

9 Things Doctors Just Shouldn’t Say To A Special Needs Mom

“Where do all these diagnoses come from? Are your children adopted?” I hung up the phone with the doctor a few minutes later and thought, “Well, add that to the list of awkward moments as a mom of children with special needs.” There have been so many questions and comments […]

To My Son’s Doctor

I hung up the phone with tears in my eyes. The office had not even sent the paperwork yet. Two weeks…wasted. Two weeks of my son being in increasing pain, complete overload, and struggling to participate in everyday life. Two weeks of waiting by the phone for the specialist to […]

Misdiagnosis – When Doctors Don’t Have Answers

The last six months have been a haze of doctors’ offices, medications, meltdowns and unexplained illnesses for my youngest son. He has received several different, significant diagnoses in this time frame. He has been treated according to the standard protocol for each of these diagnoses. Nothing has worked. As a […]

My Child Does Not Sleep

This morning was a tough one. I was up until almost 4:00 AM with my son. In the haze of perseverating chatter about computer builds and salt water tanks, I was struck at around 3:00 AM, at how little my life has changed. It’s been 13 years since my son […]

Doctors And Older Children with Autism

8 month waiting list. 3 hour appointment. Expert Medical advice: no electronics before bed, give him massages, find a sport he likes. I’m in a bad mood. Please allow me to introduce you to  the author of these words. Bacon and Juiceboxes: Our Life With Autism is a Facebook page […]

Everyday Autism

The days, weeks, and even months following my son’s autism diagnosis, are a bit of a blur in my memory. I remember trying different medicines. I remember trying different diets. I remember trying different therapies. But the details of that time frame? They just blend into each other. What I […]