The Most Difficult Lesson I’ve Had To Learn: Letting Go Is Hard To Do

“I’m stuck, Mommy!“ My youngest looked down at me from the top of the tree, paralyzed with fear, clinging to the one branch he was sure would hold him. “Honey, if you got up there, you can get back down,” I said. “No,” he cried. “You don’t understand. I can’t […]

When You Blame Parents For Their Children’s Differences

I threw a book across the room this morning. It helped my level of frustration and anger, but not my sense of injustice. I ordered this particular book last week. I was looking for a resource to help with a few things beginning to stir for my youngest son. Becoming […]

For The Mom In The Waiting Room

We are headed into more waiting rooms this week. I try to plan for the time – bringing a book and some work to get done while I wait. â€‹But I know there’s no way I will accomplish much. If you’ve been the mom in the waiting room, you know.  It’s hard […]

When You’re The Mother Of A Chronically Ill Child

“Now, I don’t want you to worry. Not yet. These results can mean any number of things.” When the doctor starts out with “I don’t want you to worry,” the first thing you do is worry.   It has been a year since we got back test results that revealed […]

When You Live Your Life One Moment At A Time

There are a few moments in my life that cannot be undone. The ones that stick with me, stand out…the ones that no matter how much time passes, I can still remember vividly, what I wore, her voice, what he looked like, how I felt. There are a handful of […]

What Special Needs Moms Know About Doctors and Therapies

I sat with her, desperate for information and scared of what she might say. It was two weeks before my appointment with the developmental pediatrician. Two weeks before I would hear the words ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ applied to my son. Two weeks before our lives changed. I had asked her […]