My Child Has A Mental Illness

Lately, it seems like my youngest son is slipping away from us, one mood episode at a time. There are moments, hours, and even days when things are good. Just last week, he was able to travel for Thanksgiving, see our family, and have so much fun with his cousin. […]

When Being Thankful Feels Impossible

It is officially the week we collectively give thanks. It’s good. It’s right. It’s tradition. And sometimes…it feels completely impossible.   (This post originally appeared here on Not The Former Things in November of 2014. It feels like much has changed, and yet, as I read own words below, I am […]

How Art Lessons Help My Anxious Child

“Look what I made for you, Momma!” I started to tear up. My ten-year old son had been in the hospital for several days and was very, very ill. But one of the things he looked forward to every day was participating in “art therapy.” “Here you go. I know you’ll […]

Misdiagnosis – When Doctors Don’t Have Answers

The last six months have been a haze of doctors’ offices, medications, meltdowns and unexplained illnesses for my youngest son. He has received several different, significant diagnoses in this time frame. He has been treated according to the standard protocol for each of these diagnoses. Nothing has worked. As a […]

What I Want You To Know About My Children With Special Needs

When I look at all the paperwork from doctors and therapists (that I try and keep track of but somehow never really get under control) I can see it’s a lot. When we have a tough day, when both boys are exhibiting the more difficult signs and symptoms of their […]

Helping My Son Enjoy The Summer

I watched my son tense as the water splashed him in the face. The sounds of so many children – laughing, splashing, having fun. The look on my son’s face – crying, stressed, uncomfortable, frustrated. I went over to the side of the pool and asked him if I could […]

Naming My Blog – Not The Former Things

As I walked out of the office, I could still hear her voice. “Your son is most certainly on the autism spectrum. He needs help immediately.” The developmental pediatrician’s words swirled around in my head, over and over. It all made sense. For the first time in my son’s young […]