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Can You Hear The Hope? – A podcast about parenting and autism

The radio in my car hasn’t worked in years. My son had a massive meltdown on the side of the road one day  and broke the car antenna. (He also dented the bumper, scratched the paint, and drew the attention of a suspicious police officer driving by as he tried to punch me the face. Just keepin’ it real people…) So, no more radio. On the bright side, now it is nice and quiet for him in our car.

When I have the opportunity to be alone in the car sans radio, which is rare but oh so delightful, I sometimes listen to podcasts on my phone. There is something about hearing other women speak about their lives, hearing their voices, their laughter, their concerns. It makes me feel less alone.

Yesterday, I couldn’t find a new one. As I scrolled through the list, trying to find a podcast that I wouldn’t mind repeating, I saw The Dad Podcast way down at the bottom of the list – long ago listened to and then forgotten. I smiled, remembering Mick and I talking with the host, putting ourselves out there for the first time. I decided to listen to it again.

To my complete surprise, it brought on more emotions than I thought possible. We recorded the show during a time that was so, so difficult for our family, but was also so, so encouraging. We were starting to figure things out. We were starting to understand a bit more, feel a bit less crazy, and have so much more grace for our children and each other.

The part that really got me, as I listened to my own voice? I can hear the hope.

The momma that recorded this more than a year ago, has more gray hair now. She has visited countless more doctors, read a lot more books, has learned so much from so many readers going through the exact same things, and has seen first hand that life graciously goes on. She has cried more tears, seen more progress, and prayed countless more prayers.

And, she still has that hope.


Listen to Mick and I discuss autism, parenting and marriage here on The Dad Podcast.

(Please Note: If you have any problems with the audio, click direct download and it will pop right up!)






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  1. Genevieve Powell says:

    wow, reading your story is so like my life!! My son is now 17, and has major meltdowns, even when i just say No.
    I am single now, and it is very hard to have any kind of control!!! he is 6’2 168 pounds.
    My house is a mess with holes in the walls, broken wall plates, broken furniture.
    not much i can do. reading your stories, tells me i am not alone.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. You are so not alone, Genevieve.
      Praying for you and yours this morning.

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