Autism and Body Mass Index


I could’ve written every word of this to describe my son. I am so grateful that Carrie was brave enough to say what I think, feel, and worry about all the time in regards my son’s weight, and it’s relative importance to all the other things he (and we) deal with every day.


    Originally posted on Carrie Cariello:

Last week we had my 11-year old son Jack’s check-up, and my stomach sank when the doctor quietly pointed out his higher-than-average body mass index on his chart.

You wouldn’t know this to look at him; he’s pretty tall for his age with the longest, skinniest legs in the world. But he’s solid, and like many kiddos on the autism spectrum, he has low muscle tone.

“You don’t need to worry just yet,” the doctor said kindly while Jack tried to remove the stethoscope from his neck. “But you do need to be watchful.”

Watchful? Is there any single aspect of this boy I am not watchful of already?

A part of me feels like I cannot take this on; I cannot work on one more single thing with him.

(Things we are currently working on: screaming, swearing, keeping his seatbelt on in the car, screaming, saying please and thank…

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