An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners

I am excited to share this educational reading app with you! It has interest-led, hands-on features that make it ideal for a struggling reader. 

When my son was younger and struggling to read, our homeschool days often included a ton of stress and anxiety.

I am not proud to say it, but it’s true.

We didn’t know he was dyslexic at the time. We just knew he resisted sitting down with Bob Books and flash cards (and that’s putting it lightly).

I enrolled him in a reading support program at the local college, thinking it would help and that maybe I was missing something.

On the first day, his little seven year old self bolted from the room within ten minutes and hid in the hallway.

I remember thinking, “This shouldn’t be like this. It shouldn’t be this hard.”

An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners

After a lot of tears and worry, eventually, we figured out not only his diagnosis, but ways to help him learn without it feeling like a punishment. 

One of the options that worked best for him was an online program that made learning to read feel like a game. 

He comprehended the information faster and he retained the learning longer.

Most importantly, he relaxed and his anxiety decreased as we found ways to make reading more engaging and fun.

An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners

Please know, although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that I think work well for children with learning differences (just like my own).

Many of you have asked me what I would tools I would use if I were to start all over again with him, or if I had another, younger child learning to read.

Today, I want to share with you a program I would choose for reading practice if I had to begin all over again.

An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners

HOMER Reading is an online reading program designed to engage a child’s curiosity and encourage them as they learn to read. 

This curriculum was designed by teachers and child development experts to teach the skills most critical for school and life. HOMER offers thousands of kid-tested lessons on ABCs, phonics, sight words, and more that your child can enjoy right in your living room! HOMER is proven to work – Just 15 minutes a day of HOMER Reading was shown to increase early reading scores by 74%.

The program is accessible both on the computer and as an app on your child’s device, something that makes it a great choice for the child who enjoys screen time!

An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners


An Interest-Led Approach For Young Readers

To me, the best part about HOMER Reading is that it takes an individualized and interest-led approach.

The program walks you through a series of questions about your child’s interests. It then creates personalized learning plans based on your child’s age, reading ability, and interests. 

An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners

For example, the app allowed me to choose reptiles, ocean animals and even ancient Egypt as a few of my son’s interests. It then incorporated these interests into the learning!

HOMER is ad-free, and the content is designed to be appropriate for young children. There are also parent tools within the program that allow you to customize what stories and themes are acceptable for your child. You decide and the program restricts any topics or holidays you do not wish to have included. 

Multi-Sensory Learning In An Educational App

I write all the time about how screen time can actually provide a multi-sensory experience for children how really need it to progress.

The tapping on the screen, the visuals, the typing – all contribute to a much more multi-sensory approach than a standard reading textbook. 

But HOMER Reading takes it a step further and even offer hands-on activities to supplement the online learning. The program includes an activity center which offers a library of activities sorted by age, type and even mess level!

For example, remember Ancient Egypt was one of the interests I selected for my son?

I found, in the activity center, a hands-on activity creating a Sarcophagus using a matchbox!

An Educational Reading App Ideal For Young Learners

What a great way to take the learning from the screen and make it into a total, multi-sensory educational experience!

Try HOMER for FREE and unlock this exclusive offer!

Right now HOMER is running a back-to-school special. Try it free for 30 days to unlock the discount. One year is just $45 (60% off!). 

I love this offer – trying it for 30 days allows you to really see how it will work for your child. 

There is no risk with this offer. If HOMER is a fit for your child, keep it! If not, you can cancel easily with absolutely no hassle. 

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